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Robert Gibbs Art

About the Artist

As far back as I can remember I have always felt compelled to draw, paint, and make things. This desire to create, to give my impression of the world around me or give physical expression to ideas and imagination, became instilled in me as a child and I never grew up. Now, my primary intention, as an artist who hopes to benefit his community, is to create works that evoke an awareness of the transcendent to express something of the mystery and infinite wonder that envelopes us. Art and the making of art have given me much joy and a special awareness and appreciation of life gifts that I wish to share. I find inspiration from many things, but most often from intangible sources the visions of the inner eye. My creative process, a balance between the intuitive and rational use of form, technique, and color, allows the freedom necessary to realize these initial visions or to develop entirely new images. Applying multiple strokes, points, and layers of color and texture, I remain open to change and transformation until ultimately, the unique presence or inner radiance within each painting is revealed.I have had a life-long interest in and reverence for world cultures, particularly those cultures that have maintained a strong spiritual connection with their environment. This interest in a diversity of peoples, their experience, and practices has affected my art in different ways through the years. Recently, influenced by the sand paintings of the Navajo and Tibetan Buddhist mandalas, I began incorporating sand into my work. It enhances the tactile presence of the work and creates a subtle interplay of light and shadow. Sand is symbolic to me personally due to its various associations with healing rituals and meditation, the desert, and the ocean, among others. It is also a further refinement of the point used in much of my work. There is no one specific message to be conveyed, no single meaning to be gleaned from my paintings. Art is like a mirror reflecting the soul. It is an invitation to discovery, wherein each viewer is encouraged to find truth in their own experience. The amount of time and energy involved in the creation of each work may be considerable, but it is a labor of love. My paintings might be considered meditations, creative prayers, or offerings of spirit and matter. They are my way of making peace. They are just simple objects, yet if I have gone far enough and deep enough, the devotion and attention given to each works creation will be revealed and its inner beauty and significance may be experienced in the open heart of the viewer.

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